Seed Capital backs the #1 tattoo community in the world — Tattoodo

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3 min readJul 5, 2019

Tattoodo, the world’s premiere destination for tattoo culture, lifestyle and bookings has announced their latest investment round raising $5.5 million. The round was led by​ us at Seed Capital with a strong participation from both new and existing investors. Tattoodo is the leading global community for tattoo lovers and artists, making it an extremely interesting journey to join.

Tattoodo has successfully built the world’s largest community for tattoo lovers and professionals offering world-class content to its +6.4 million registered app users. Last year alone the number of registers rose with 600%.

Tattoodo was selected among the 20 “Best apps of 2018” by TheNextWeb — along with established players such as Google Duplex, Last Pass, Headspace, etc. The platform has 1.1 million monthly active users and a significant presence on social media with 2.9 million followers on Instagram and 17 million Facebook followers.

Not only have they attracted many tattoo enthusiasts to the platform — the tattoo-artists love it as well! As of today, there are approximately a half million tattoo-artists registered artists on the platform.

’’We had a massive growth in users in 2018 and we are performing better than ever on almost every parameter. That is why we are raising additional funding as well as strengthening our board to support the future growth.’’ Says Caspar Høgh, VP in Tattoodo.

The company was founded in 2013 by Danish entrepreneurs Mik Thobo-Carlsen and Johan Plenge along with the world-renowned artist and media personality Ami James, who appeared in the popular TV show Miami Ink.

Since the beginning, the company has experimented with different business models, and today they have found, what we believe is a sustainable business model, which will allow them to commercialize their sizable user-base and build a new global category winner.

The company has been funded by a renowned group of well-known business angels and celebrities including Football player Daniel Agger, Hummel-owner Christian Stadil, actor Nicolai Coster-Waldau, and Silicon Valley based venture firms NEA and In 2017 Nordic Eye also invested in the company. Among the new investors on board are the board member of TV 2, Jimmy Maymann and Vice President of Novo Nordisk, Jeppe Christiansen.

With the support of an impressive team of industry leaders and more than 30 million users across their network — Tattoodo is bringing the industry into the digital age. They offer the opportunity for tattoo lovers to identify and easily book consultations with reputable tattoo studios around the world, with the click of a button. This kind of accessibility will not only strengthen the tattoo space but aid the tattoo community. For the artists, Tattoodo offer them a digital booking system and provide them with access to potential new clients. Later services will include payments, promotion and CRM.

We believe Tattoodo’s position is sustainable and can provide the basis for building a long-term attractive business. We are very excited to be a part of Tattoodo’s future journey!



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